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Time is NOW, where are you going?

       We are all equal members of the Family we call Humanity.

It is a time to share in a Circle of Friends, knowing that we have this golden opportunity to transform collectively, while the individual connection to the Universal Intelligence will be strengthen beyond what we can imagine now.

Classes, Workshops & Webinars

Spiritual Self Mastery &

Deep Healing Workshop


More Truth Will Set You Free workshops are classes that help everyday people empower themselves, heal deep hurts, and awaken to a higher part of themselves. Through powerful healing energy, guided meditations, inspiring music, spiritual support and a community of friends, healing is achieved.


Life-Changing & Healing Wellness Workshop



This workshop is a road map how to live your Best Life with greater purpose, gratitude, and joy. You deserve Happiness, this is your Birthright. 

It offers an opportunity to identify disharmonies and neutralize the causes, as well as learn proven techniques to guide you back to Happiness.

Zen Mindfulness Meditation.jpg

Guided Meditations &

Techniques of Mindfulness


Join us for a beautiful journey of mindful meditation. This is group setting where we explore various meditation techniques to journey from an unconscious to a conscious way of being. “If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key.”

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our services, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Mindfulness of


"When we overcome the fear of death, we actually begin to live."
~Derek O'Neill 

These classes draw from the work of spiritual teachers of all traditions including the Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and Mohammed. We mainly use Buddhist terminology as it is an ageless wisdom that can be found throughout all the traditions.


Mindfulness of 


We will be using the Bhagavat Gita – one of the most beloved and oldest scriptures of India, which translated means “Song of Spirit”. It offers the Divine Communion of Truth-Realization between man and his Creator. The Teachings of Spirit through the Soul, will be discussed and utilized, enhancing all of our every day experiences.




Rising Star & Prema Birthing

Healing Systems

Practitioner certification is available to all who wish to learn the Rising Star and Prema Birthing energy treatments.

Similar to Reiki, these treatments offer a powerful way to assist clients, family and friends on their path to wellbeing.

"Excellence in Community Start When Individuals Pursue Their Highest Potential

For the Greater Good."

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our services, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Premapranahuti - The Divine Awakener

This symbol represents a way of living, a conscious reminder that we are God beings.

Like any symbol, it represents a reminder to transmit love to all, to serve all, and live in love. This symbol is part of a trinity of symbols known as: Aum Sri Premaagni, Aum Sri Rising Star, Aum Sri Premapranahuti. Three being the number of manifestation, it manifests the three Yagna fires for all who see or wear it. Three also represents in most religions the three sources of Divine energy, i.e. Father, Son & Holy Spirit, Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva, etc.

The Premaagni represents the awakening of the Sacred Heart, which is part of the physical heart so that unconditional love flows. The Rising Star represents the physical body, in need of guidance and healing from the Divine source. While the Premapranahuti represents the Divine breath, which is the Life Source of all creation. It comes from Divine energy from the source of all to its creation (i.e. humanity) to illuminate the Sacred Heart with the Divine breath. It is not an initiation but an awakener to that which is freely resting in all beings and so is free to all who are ready to walk the path of service to humanity by reminding them of their Divine nature. It is transmitted not from a human form but from the Source of all life itself. It is a gift to humanity from all that is Love. The symbol itself is an amazing amalgamation of all that has ever or will ever be created in Divine accord initiating the three Yagnas within by awakening the highest truth.

Love,Love,Love - Derek
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