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Life-Changing Healing Workshop of Spiritual Self-Mastery

"There is no incident or happening in your life that cannot be changed NOW."
Are you ready to be free or are you happy being the victim with the sad story in your life?​
If you want to change, it takes teamwork and it begins with YOU SHOWING UP FOR YOUR LIFE, NOT JUST SURVIVING IT.​
So bring all your tears, your pains, your joys and your sorrows, and show up as who you are.
You will be in safe hands. You will be in an environment where you will not be judged. It is not about being perfect, it is about beings being human and telling the Truth that will set them free. There is no incident or happening in your life that cannot be changed NOW with the right information, with the right sense of security that will bring you to the freedom of your soul’s essence.

"We wish you well on your Journey!"


"To know who you really are is not the Way to Freedom, it is the Freedom!"

~Derek O'Neill

"It's time 

to show up for

your Life."


More Truth Will Set You Free events are based on philosophy that we create our own reality. As such the events, relationships, and challenges in our lives are often a mirror to what is going on in our inner world - emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Similar to benefits of a group meditation, when people gather with specific intent such as healing or peace, the universe responds with energetic support greater than what we can achieve on our own.

How it works...

Most of our lives are touched by loss, pain, dis-ease, injury, depression and fear at some point. Listening to others share their stories often helps us gain insights into our own life.

You deserve Happiness, this is your birthright. These workshops are an opportunity to identify disharmonies and neutralize the causes, as well as learn proven techniques to guide you back to Happiness.


Access untapped potencial

Connect Spirit, Mind and Body

Remove limiting belief systems

Self-confidence & Empowerment

Deep shift in your energy system

Origin of the Workshops

These workshops were developed by Derek O'Neill, Master Teacher, internationally acclaimed therapist, motivational speaker, author, martial arts sensei and humanitarian.

In order to meet the growing demand for these classes, Derek has trained facilitators around the world at the highest standard to create a loving environment for profound healing to take place.​

I am more than willing to travel. If you have a group of 15 people who would like to change their lives for the better, contact me and get READY! :-D


What is More Truth Will Set You Free?


More Truth Will Set You Free workshops are classes that help everyday people empower themselves, heal deep hurts, and awaken to a higher part of themselves. Through powerful healing energy, guided meditations, inspiring music, spiritual support and a community of friends, healing is achieved. During these classes, you are shown how to access your untapped potential, change things for the better, and see yourself in a greater light. You learn how old programs and beliefs keep you trapped and how to change these beliefs and programs with effective healing techniques. You won't be surprised at what you learn in these workshops, you will be transformed.

"The workshop with Marcela was interesting as I watched my own issues arise within me in such a subtle way that i nearly missed the opportunity to heal them. It really goes to show that we need to not only attend these workshops and experience the energy but also take responsibility for the healing."

~S.W., Ireland

'You have too much information,

and not enough Transformation."

~Shirdy Sai Baba

How will a More Truth Workshop help in my daily life?

How it works?

In a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop, we collectively come together in a loving, non-judgmental environment to discuss the everyday issues in our lives from a higher perspective, ranging from the small to the absolutely complex issues. We strive to apply the hig​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​her truths to our experiences to bring understanding and transformation.​​​

We allow ourselves the time and space to explore our own journey. Humanity has a blueprint, and everybody is dealing with the same issues, while the individual stories are very unique. Everybody is looking for the same thing: all we really want in life is to be happy and to have food, ​medicine and water - the simple things. But life tends to take on a lot of complications, and we find ourselves faced with situations in which we can't function properly.

A More Truth Will Set You Free workshop removes these complications.​

 ​​​​​A More Truth Will Set You Free workshop removes these complications by allowing you to self-assess where you are in your life, what the past has been, how it is still affecting your life right now, and what it is you would like in the future. We cannot change the past, we do not know what the future will be, but what we can do here and now is begin to help and empower ourselves by eliminating old traumas from the past, and creating a brighter and happier future.

More Truth Will Set You Free workshops give you the tools and meditations to achieve this.

​How do inspiring music and guided meditations help bring healing?

The music and meditations help people find the root cause of their issues. Music is a very powerful mover of the emotions. For example, most people have a favorite piece of a music that causes them to go into a memory, a deep place, or an emotion. Sometimes it can be a smell - something like cut grass can remind you of your childhood. We utilize pieces of music to stimulate emotions that trace back to hidden traumas within your system. Sometimes just after a good cry we feel great relief; it is a great stress reliever. So in these workshops, the music and meditations help people find the root cause of some of their issues. 


When we gain perspective and greater understanding of the message behind the imbalance, we begin to replace negative thoughts and emotions with gratitude and acceptance. This inner empowerment starts starts to reflect in our outer world and we recognize there is no need to relay on others to create more fulfilling, happy and meaningful life.

What happens "energetically" at a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop?

We all have an energy field around our body, and this energy field is called an aura. It is like an electromagnetic field around our body, (proven by things like Kirlian photography). Illnesses actually appear in your auric field well before they appear in your physical being. This electrical body, or energy field, is active all the time. Even when you are asleep your energy field is active.
Have you ever walked into a party or a room, met someone for the very first time, and you just didn’t like them? You don’t know why you didn’t like them, you just didn’t like them. What has happened is that your aura has connected with their aura, and there is something about them that you don’t like within yourself. These are opportunities for growth, if you can say, "I have no reason not to like this person, so why is it that my system, or my aura, or my higher self (or whatever you want to call it) is telling me that there’s something about this person that I don’t like?” You can then begin to analyze it and actually find that it is not something in them that you don’t like, it something they’ve triggered in you that you don’t like.

See the higher truth of what is going on. 

For example, if you see someone who has everybody around them and you’re sort of a quiet or shy individual, you might get angry at the person because you would love to have the confidence they have. The message coming to you is that this person is not a nice person, while in fact they are simply who they are.
In More Truth Will Set You Free workshops, we allow you to have access, using meditations and tools, to this energy field. We show you how to affect that energy field in a positive way so that you can see the higher truths of what is going on, rather than what you would like to think is happening.



K.R., Massage Therapist, UK

"The More truth will set you free workshops fascinate me immensely every time I have been to one the high vibration of healing that goes on astounds me.  The emotions that I have released in these workshops, I did not even realize I had so much, to heal and when it heals it goes and transforms, the special feeling after these workshops just bring about such intense love to all around you and you feel complete and whole it is so beautiful.

My love to Marcela for her deep interest and compassion in helping others. Xxxxx

J.I., Artist, Scotland

"Good morning Marcela

Just a quick thanks for your service to myself and the other guys on Tuesday night. It was magic.

Truth is there staring at us until you are ready to see it. Thank you for making that happen.

The anger I felt after leaving the workshop was directed inwards until I set it free. God bless."

S.N., Psychotherapist, Ireland

"The workshop with Marcela was interesting as I watched my own issues arise within me in such a subtle way that i nearly missed the opportunity to heal them. It really goes to show that we need to not only attend these workshops and experience the energy but also take responsibility for the healing."

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