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"I have always been interested in healing arts and spirituality as fundamental way of life. At very young age I was aware that we are made of consciousness or energy and to this day I remember the exact moment when I was absolutely puzzled by the concept of death and dying. I remember sitting in my bed with my head under the covers, eyes closed and thinking to myself - you cannot die - you cannot stop existing! I pledged and wrote into my diary that I will find out why people are dying the way they do - unconsciously!

I laugh now because here I am 35 years later, facilitating classes such as "More Truth Will Set You Free, Tibetan Wheel of Life" and "Mindfulness of Bhagavad Gita Teachings."

That brings me to say that every single service I offer is based on deep experiences, process of healing and spiritual awakening.

"Every training and every Initiation I have gone through, every workshop I attended was a deep process of letting go of something that was un-true whether it was fear, doubt or limitation of any kind. During a process of it I mapped the Journey through the experience and now I stand here sound and stronger than ever before, knowing what a hell can feel like. Nevertheless what I would like to share is that the rewards in a form of Love, Joy and Happiness of doing a deep work on yourself far more outweigh the pain, sorrow and suffering we all have to go through. These are not just ordinary tools or "another healing" kind of thing - these are extremely powerful tools of transformation with the possibility to change your life so much so that you, yourself will not believe that you have ones lived your life the way you did.

Your life can become ones again the most beautiful adventure!"

"I searched for God

and found only myself.

I searched for myself

and found only God."


~Sufi proverb

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