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"It's not what you look at that matters,

It's what you see."

~Henry David Thoreau


This reading reminds you that every moment of your Life is Divinely orchestrated and designed to bring you to your higher potential and be happy. I use Oracle cards together with my own Intuition, Wisdom Teachings and ancient Truths that can be found in every tradition. Oracle cards are ancient and reliable way to receive spiritual guidance and detailed Insight. Wisdom Teachings or Higher ancient Truth is something that you already have within yourself in a form of energy and Consciousness. During the reading you are been reminded of that as your own Guidance and Wisdom is forever trying to bring you towards the highest expression of the Self.

Every reading consists of 3 aspects - Wisdom of the Avalon, Sacred Numerology and Messages for Loving Kindness.

Wisdom of the Avalon reveals deeper dynamic of what is going on in your life in present moment and a need to become conscious of it. 


Sacred Numerology reveals the absolute truth of every event being specifically and carefully chosen by our Higher Self to learn valuable lesson, neutralize any disharmony and grow in Spirit and Truth.

Messages from Loving Kindness are indeed confirmations of how deeply we are been loved by Divinity and bring healing to parts of ourselves that need it the most.

Wisdom of the Avalon

Messages & Guidance from Loving Kindness


Sacred Numerology

Ask a Numerologist for guidance - female
Readings are available ONLINE!


Kuan Yin is the Mother of Compassion. She guides us into our Enlightenment, which is being able to live in harmony and unity with the Love. Enlightenment is not meant to be a distant spiritual goal, but something we can achieve by choosing loving kindness, compassion and wisdom over fear, judgment, anger or separation from the Source, the Divine Feminine, that seeks us to nourish us so that we blossom into the fullness of our being. 

"It is said that if one were to pray with true devotion to Avalokiteshwara Bodhisattva Quan Yin for 1 second, they would generate more blessings than if one worshiped with all types of offerings as many Gods as there are in the grains of sand of 62 Ganges Rivers for an entire lifetime."


The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Readings with Marcela is an inspirational tool to bridge the unseen world of Spirit and the physical world of our day-to-day lives. Based on the rich mythology of ancient Britain’s Isle of Avalon and the wisdom teachings of its priestesses, this reading will help you find valuable and powerful insights in all aspects of life as you chart your path and manifest your destiny with clarity and purpose.


The Sacred Numerology is a science based on numbers and is also a study of the energy and symbolism of numbers. Numerology can be used as a self-help tool that brings beneficial change and meaningful awareness into your personal and professional life. Numerology is a practical tool and resource that shines light to our highest potential and incredible, empowering effect numbers have on our lives on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes.


Pallas Athena, a member of Karmik Board, as a part of her service to humanity, has brought forth sacred numerology as a part of a sacred knowledge directing one’s life back towards their Creator and a means to read a code every human being is born with
One of the reasons is to give back to people an awareness that each and every moment is divinely orchestrated and carefully crafted by Divinity for humanity’s enlightement..​​​​​​​​
Sacred numerology is the Divinity’s guidance to people’s lives, helping to create in accordance with the Divine plan and bring more happiness into one’s life. Every number holds very specific energy that manifests during the experience to aid our own awakening, meaning the numbers appearing in front of you are just manifestation of the consciousness working through you. It is all within each and every one of us.

Awake this sacred knowledge within you and allow it to show you

how powerful of a CREATOR you are!​

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